A minimal svg library making use of the elment and little else

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0.1.1 Jun 2, 2020
0.1.0 May 30, 2020

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A minimal svg library making use of the <path> tag and little else. The only path options are M: move to, L: line to, C: bezier curve and Z: close path.


    use svg_minimal::*;

    fn main() {
        let mut svg = MinSVG::new([0,0,100,100]). // Construct an svg with the viewBox you would like
        svg.set_background_color(Color::Green); // If not invoked there will be no background

        let mut path = Path::new(); // Construct a new path element. I guess you only really need "one per color".
        path.set_stroke_color(Color::Black); // If not invoked the color is none
        path.set_stroke_width(3); // If not invoked the stroke-width is 0

        path.bezier([100,80,20,0,0,0]); // Hope this works :)

        path.set_fill_color(Color::Black); // Fill the drawn path if you want to;

        svg.add_path(path); // Add the path to the svg

        let svg_string = svg.create(); // Returns the svg as a string

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