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An SVG to PNG converter

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1.2.0 Sep 30, 2023
1.1.0 Feb 17, 2023
1.0.4 Feb 17, 2023
1.0.2 Feb 15, 2023

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SVG to PNG converter in all kinds of colors


You can install this in 3 ways:

  1. cargo install svg2colored-png
  2. Download the prebuilt binaries from here
  3. Build svg2colored-png yourself. Instructions here


To convert some SVG files in the directory in to PNG in lets say black(#000000) and white(#ffffff) to the folder out, you should run this:

svg2colored-png -i ./in -o ./out -c ffffff,000000

And it will convert all svg files in in/ to png files in out/


You will need one thing, rust, of course. To install the compiler and its tools please look at this website, and after you install it come back here.

Clone the repo to your desired folder

# if you have ssh set up on github and or want to contribute
git clone git@github.com:MCorange99/svg2colored-png.git 

# if you just want to build the project
git clone https://github.com/MCorange99/svg2colored-png.git

Make sure you are in the project directory.

cd svg2colored-png

And then build it!

cargo build --release

Your compiled executable should be in [project_folder]/target/release/svg2colored-png


Feel free to make a pull request with any contributions you feel should be here!


This project uses the GPL-3.0 license, view it here


MCorange <mcorangecodes@gmail.com>


~222K SLoC