Cargo Features

SuppaFTP has no features set by default.

suppaftp = { version = "5.3.1", features = ["async", "async-default-tls", "async-native-tls", "async-rustls", "async-secure", "deprecated", "default-tls", "native-tls", "native-tls-vendored", "async-native-tls-vendored", "rustls", "secure", "no-log", "with-containers"] }
async async-secure? = async-std, async-trait, pin-project

Enable async support for suppaftp

Affects suppaftp::AsyncFtpStream

async-default-tls = async-native-tls
async-native-tls async-default-tls? async-native-tls-vendored? = async-native-tls-crate, async-secure

Affects suppaftp::AsyncNativeTlsFtpStream

async-rustls = async-secure, async-tls

Affects suppaftp::AsyncRustlsFtpStream

async-secure async-native-tls? async-rustls? = async

Affects command::ProtectionLevel


Enable deprecated FTP/FTPS methods

default-tls = native-tls

Enable support for FTPS which requires native-tls (openssl is required on Linux) or RustTLS

native-tls default-tls? native-tls-vendored? = native-tls-crate, secure

Affects suppaftp::NativeTlsFtpStream

native-tls-vendored = native-tls

Enables vendored of native-tls


async-native-tls-vendored = async-native-tls

Enables vendored of async-native-tls

rustls = rustls-crate, secure

Affects suppaftp::RustlsFtpStream

secure native-tls? rustls?

Affects command::ProtectionLevel


Disable logging

Enables max_level_off of log


Must be enabled whenever testing with docker containers

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features. These features may have been created by mistake, and this functionality may be removed in the future.

async-std async?

Enables async-std


async-native-tls-crate async-native-tls? async-native-tls-vendored?

Enables async-native-tls

async-trait async?
async-tls async-rustls?
pin-project async?
native-tls-crate native-tls? native-tls-vendored?

Enables native-tls

rustls-crate rustls?

Enables rustls ^0.21