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$\mathbb{\color{red}{Style \ } \color{lightblue}{terminal}\ \color{black}{outputs \ }\color{gray}{\ in\ a} \color{magenta}{\ minimal}\color{gray}{,} \color{lightyellow}{\ macro\ based}\color{gray}{,}\ and \color{lightgreen}{\ dead\ simple} \color{gray}{\ way.}}$

Code Backgroud Bright Bright background
$\mathbb{\color{black}{■}}$ black bg_black
$\mathbb{\color{gray}{■}}$ gray bg_gray
$\mathbb{\color{white}{■}}$ white bg_white white_bright bg_white_bright
$\mathbb{\color{red}{■}}$ red bg_red red_bright bg_red_bright
$\mathbb{\color{green}{■}}$ green bg_green green_bright bg_green_bright
$\mathbb{\color{yellow}{■}}$ yellow bg_yellow yello_bright bg_yellow_bright
$\mathbb{\color{blue}{■}}$ blue bg_blue blue_bright bg_blue_bright
$\mathbb{\color{magenta}{■}}$ magenta bg_magenta magenta_bright bg_magenta_bright
$\mathbb{\color{cyan}{■}}$ cyan bg_cyan cyan_bright bg_cyan_bright

bold italic underline strikethrough overline dim inverse hidden reset


  • Macro-based: Increases compile-time efficiency and boosts safety.
  • Innovative Styling: Compose styles in an array-like format such as [red, bold, underline].
  • Extensive Type Support: All types implementing std::fmt::Display trait are supported, offering wide-ranging adaptability.
  • Full Color and Style support: Modifiers / Foreground colors / Background colors / Bright foreground colors / Bright background colors.
  • Zero dependencies: Cleaner code-base with no third-party interference.
  • Supports tty detection: Avoids styling when the tty lacks color support, Use set_color_enabled for manual enable control.




This crate works with Cargo. Add the following to your Cargo.toml dependencies section:

sty = "0.3"

Basic usage

use sty::{
    style::{red, underline},
// or
// use sty::{ sty, red, underline };

println!("{}", sty!("Hello world!", [red]));

// Use `sty!` macro for combination of multiple styles
println!("{}", sty!("Hello world!", [red, underline]));

// Use `sty!` macro for multiple input types
println!("{}", sty!(123, [red, underline]));

// Use style function is simple for `&str` input
println!("{}", red("Hello world!"));
println!("{}", underline(&red("Hello world!")));

[!TIP] In style combinations, the styles that are specified later take precedence, For example:

use sty::{ sty, style::* };
sty!("str", [red, green, blue]); // blue
sty!("str", [red, underline, reset]); // reset

[!TIP] If tty environment does not support color, default output will be printed without any styling, Use set_color_enabled for manual enable control, For example:

use sty::{ set_color_enabled, is_color_enabled, sty, style::* };
let enabled = is_color_enabled();
sty!("123", [red]); // no color
sty!("123", [red]); // red

sty! Macro

The sty! macro is a powerful utility conveniently used to apply a collection of style manipulations to your input. This macro allows you to seamlessly incorporate text properties with an intuitive syntax.

use sty::{ sty, style::{red, underline} };
println!("{}", sty!("Hello world!", [red, underline]));

In this example, red and underline are both style transformations, and the sty! macro returns a newly styled text instance with all these styling elements applied. Multiple styles can be applied simultaneously, and the output will be a combination of all.

Supported input types

For any type that has implemented the std::fmt::Display trait, like:

  • &str
  • String
  • numbers(usize, i8, i16, i32, i64, i128, u8, u16, u32, u64, u128, f32, f64)
  • bool
  • ...

Style function

Each style function can be combine with sty! macro or used separately, for example:

use sty::{
    style::{red, underline},
// or
// use sty::{ sty, red, underline };

sty!("Hello world!", [red, underline]);
// or
red("Hello world!");

[!TIP] The standalone style function only supports &str input type.

All style functions are as follows:

  • Modifiers

    • reset
    • bold
    • dim
    • italic
    • underline
    • overline
    • inverse
    • hidden
    • strikethrough
  • Foreground colors

    • black
    • red
    • green
    • yellow
    • blue
    • magenta
    • cyan
    • white
    • gray
  • Background colors

    • bg_black
    • bg_red
    • bg_green
    • bg_yellow
    • bg_blue
    • bg_magenta
    • bg_cyan
    • bg_white
    • bg_gray
  • Bright foreground colors

    • red_bright
    • green_bright
    • yellow_bright
    • blue_bright
    • magenta_bright
    • cyan_bright
    • white_bright
  • Bright background colors

    • bg_red_bright
    • bg_green_bright
    • bg_yellow_bright
    • bg_blue_bright
    • bg_magenta_bright
    • bg_cyan_bright
    • bg_white_bright