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Feature-gated heap-based/stack-based map and vector structures

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The storagevec crate provides the StorageVec and StorageMap types. If the alloc feature is enabled, these types will use the standard library Vec and HashMap, respectively. If it is not enabled, it will use ArrayVec and TinyMap, which both use stack-based storage. This is useful for crates that need to support no_std targets without allocators, but also need the convenience of list/map-like types.

If the alloc feature is enabled, there is no unsafe code introduced in this crate. If the alloc feature is disabled, or the alloc feature is enabled with the stack feature, unsafe code is introduced in the form of the MaybeUninit struct. However, I doubt this code will cause undefined behavior.

If the stack feature is enabled with the alloc feature, StorageVec will use TinyVec as backing storage.

This crate requires a nightly compiler due to the use of const generics.


This crate is dual-licensed under the MIT License or the Apache 2.0 License, at your option. See LICENSE-MIT and LICENSE-Apache for more information.


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