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no-std mr-mime

A no_std MIME type library for Rust

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0.1.1 Mar 27, 2023
0.1.0 Sep 25, 2022

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mr-mime is a library for parsing and generating MIME messages. It is created due to my dissatisfaction with the current MIME library used in most Rust projects, mime. While mr-mime is not a drop-in replacement, the API is very similar and overall aims to reduce some notable warts found in mime.

Improvements over mime

  • mr-mime is not only no_std, but can operate without an allocator. This means that it can be used in #![no_std] environments, and in environments where the allocator is not available (e.g. embedded systems).
  • mr-mime is forbid(unsafe_code), meaning that is contains no unsafe code. This reduces the potential surface where a memory vulnerability can occur.
  • mr-mime interns and provides constants for a wider variety of MIME types.


The Minimum Supported Rust Version (MSRV) for this crate is 1.41.0. This MSRV will not be changed without a minor version bump.


mr-mime is licensed under one of the following licenses, at your option: