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Device support crates for STM32L5 devices

6 releases (breaking)

0.15.1 Jul 4, 2022
0.15.0 Jul 4, 2022
0.14.0 Oct 3, 2021
0.13.0 Feb 15, 2021
0.11.0 Apr 26, 2020

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This crate provides an autogenerated API for access to STM32L5 peripherals. The API is generated using svd2rust with patched svd files containing extensive type-safe support. For more information please see the main repo.

Refer to the documentation for full details.


Each device supported by this crate is behind a feature gate so that you only compile the device(s) you want. To use, in your Cargo.toml:

version = "0.15.1"
features = ["stm32l552"]

The rt feature is enabled by default and brings in support for cortex-m-rt. To disable, specify default-features = false in Cargo.toml.

In your code:

use stm32l5::stm32l552;

let mut peripherals = stm32l552::Peripherals::take().unwrap();
let gpioa = &peripherals.GPIOA;
gpioa.odr.modify(|_, w| w.odr0().set_bit());

For full details on the autogenerated API, please see: https://docs.rs/svd2rust/0.24.1/svd2rust/#peripheral-api

Supported Devices

Module Devices Links
stm32l552 STM32L552 RM0438, st.com
stm32l562 STM32L562 RM0438, st.com