Cargo Features

stm32f3xx-hal = { version = "0.10.0", default-features = false, features = ["can", "defmt", "device-selected", "direct-call-deprecated", "gpio-f302", "gpio-f303", "gpio-f303e", "gpio-f333", "gpio-f373", "ld", "mem-4", "mem-6", "mem-8", "mem-b", "mem-c", "mem-d", "mem-e", "rt", "rtc", "stm32f301", "stm32f301x6", "stm32f301x8", "stm32f302", "stm32f302x6", "stm32f302x8", "stm32f302xb", "stm32f302xc", "stm32f302xd", "stm32f302xe", "stm32f303", "stm32f303x6", "stm32f303x8", "stm32f303xb", "stm32f303xc", "stm32f303xd", "stm32f303xe", "stm32f318", "stm32f318x8", "stm32f328", "stm32f328x8", "stm32f334", "stm32f334x4", "stm32f334x6", "stm32f334x8", "stm32f358", "stm32f358xc", "stm32f373", "stm32f373x8", "stm32f373xb", "stm32f373xc", "stm32f378", "stm32f378xc", "stm32f398", "stm32f398xe", "svd-f301", "svd-f302", "svd-f303", "svd-f373", "svd-f3x4", "usb", "enumset"] }
default = can, enumset, ld, rt, rtc, usb

These default features are set whenever stm32f3xx-hal is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

can default

Enables bxcan

Affects stm32f3xx-hal::can


Enables defmt

device-selected stm32f301x6? stm32f301x8? stm32f302x6? stm32f302x8? stm32f302xb? stm32f302xc? stm32f302xd? stm32f302xe? stm32f303x6? stm32f303x8? stm32f303xb? stm32f303xc? stm32f303xd? stm32f303xe? stm32f318x8? stm32f328x8? stm32f334x4? stm32f334x6? stm32f334x8? stm32f358xc? stm32f373x8? stm32f373xb? stm32f373xc? stm32f378xc? stm32f398xe?
direct-call-deprecated stm32f301? stm32f302? stm32f303? stm32f318? stm32f328? stm32f334? stm32f358? stm32f373? stm32f378? stm32f398?
gpio-f302 stm32f301x6? stm32f301x8? stm32f302x6? stm32f302x8? stm32f318x8?
gpio-f303 stm32f302xb? stm32f302xc? stm32f303xb? stm32f303xc? stm32f358xc?
gpio-f303e stm32f302xd? stm32f302xe? stm32f303xd? stm32f303xe? stm32f398xe?
gpio-f333 stm32f303x6? stm32f303x8? stm32f328x8? stm32f334x4? stm32f334x6? stm32f334x8?
gpio-f373 stm32f373x8? stm32f373xb? stm32f373xc? stm32f378xc?
ld default
mem-4 stm32f334x4?
mem-6 stm32f301x6? stm32f302x6? stm32f303x6? stm32f334x6?
mem-8 stm32f301x8? stm32f302x8? stm32f303x8? stm32f318x8? stm32f328x8? stm32f334x8? stm32f373x8?
mem-b stm32f302xb? stm32f303xb? stm32f373xb?
mem-c stm32f302xc? stm32f303xc? stm32f358xc? stm32f373xc? stm32f378xc?
mem-d stm32f302xd? stm32f303xd?
mem-e stm32f302xe? stm32f303xe? stm32f398xe?
rt default

Enables rt of stm32f3

rtc default

Enables rtcc

Affects stm32f3xx-hal::rtc

stm32f301 stm32f301x6? stm32f301x8? = direct-call-deprecated, svd-f301

Any changes here should be mirrored in,, src/, and .github/workflows/ci.yml.

stm32f301x6 = device-selected, gpio-f302, mem-6, stm32f301
stm32f301x8 = device-selected, gpio-f302, mem-8, stm32f301
stm32f302 stm32f302x6? stm32f302x8? stm32f302xb? stm32f302xc? stm32f302xd? stm32f302xe? = direct-call-deprecated, svd-f302
stm32f302x6 = device-selected, gpio-f302, mem-6, stm32f302
stm32f302x8 = device-selected, gpio-f302, mem-8, stm32f302
stm32f302xb = device-selected, gpio-f303, mem-b, stm32f302
stm32f302xc = device-selected, gpio-f303, mem-c, stm32f302
stm32f302xd = device-selected, gpio-f303e, mem-d, stm32f302
stm32f302xe = device-selected, gpio-f303e, mem-e, stm32f302
stm32f303 stm32f303x6? stm32f303x8? stm32f303xb? stm32f303xc? stm32f303xd? stm32f303xe? = direct-call-deprecated, svd-f303
stm32f303x6 = device-selected, gpio-f333, mem-6, stm32f303
stm32f303x8 = device-selected, gpio-f333, mem-8, stm32f303
stm32f303xb = device-selected, gpio-f303, mem-b, stm32f303

Affects usb::UsbBusType

stm32f303xc = device-selected, gpio-f303, mem-c, stm32f303

Affects usb::UsbBusType

stm32f303xd = device-selected, gpio-f303e, mem-d, stm32f303

Affects usb::UsbBusType

stm32f303xe = device-selected, gpio-f303e, mem-e, stm32f303

Affects usb::UsbBusType

stm32f318 stm32f318x8? = direct-call-deprecated, svd-f301
stm32f318x8 = device-selected, gpio-f302, mem-8, stm32f318
stm32f328 stm32f328x8? = direct-call-deprecated, svd-f303
stm32f328x8 = device-selected, gpio-f333, mem-8, stm32f328
stm32f334 stm32f334x4? stm32f334x6? stm32f334x8? = direct-call-deprecated, svd-f3x4
stm32f334x4 = device-selected, gpio-f333, mem-4, stm32f334
stm32f334x6 = device-selected, gpio-f333, mem-6, stm32f334
stm32f334x8 = device-selected, gpio-f333, mem-8, stm32f334
stm32f358 stm32f358xc? = direct-call-deprecated, svd-f303
stm32f358xc = device-selected, gpio-f303, mem-c, stm32f358
stm32f373 stm32f373x8? stm32f373xb? stm32f373xc? = direct-call-deprecated, svd-f373
stm32f373x8 = device-selected, gpio-f373, mem-8, stm32f373
stm32f373xb = device-selected, gpio-f373, mem-b, stm32f373
stm32f373xc = device-selected, gpio-f373, mem-c, stm32f373
stm32f378 stm32f378xc? = direct-call-deprecated, svd-f373
stm32f378xc = device-selected, gpio-f373, mem-c, stm32f378
stm32f398 stm32f398xe? = direct-call-deprecated, svd-f303
stm32f398xe = device-selected, gpio-f303e, mem-e, stm32f398
svd-f301 stm32f301? stm32f318?

Enables stm32f301 of stm32f3

svd-f302 stm32f302?

Enables stm32f302 of stm32f3

svd-f303 stm32f303? stm32f328? stm32f358? stm32f398?

Enables stm32f303 of stm32f3

svd-f373 stm32f373? stm32f378?

Enables stm32f373 of stm32f3

Affects config::Config.scan

svd-f3x4 stm32f334?

Enables stm32f3x4 of stm32f3

usb default

Enables stm32-usbd

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

enumset default