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Stellar XDR types, encoding, and decoding

5 releases (stable)

20.1.0 Feb 1, 2024
20.0.2 Dec 18, 2023
20.0.0-rc1 Sep 12, 2023
0.0.17 Jun 26, 2023
0.0.1 Jul 29, 2022

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Library and CLI containing types and functionality for working with Stellar XDR.

Types are generated from XDR definitions hosted at stellar/stellar-xdr using xdrgen.



To use the library, include in your toml:

stellar-xdr = { version = "...", default-features = true, features = [] }

The crate has several features, tiers of functionality, ancillary functionality, and channels of XDR.

Default features: std, curr.

Teirs of functionality:

  1. std – The std feature provides all functionality (types, encode, decode), and is the default feature set.
  2. alloc – The alloc feature uses Box and Vec types for recursive references and arrays, and is automatically enabled if the std feature is enabled. The default global allocator is used. Support for a custom allocator will be added in #39. No encode or decode capability exists, only types. Encode and decode capability will be added in #46.
  3. If std or alloc are not enabled recursive and array types requires static lifetime values. No encode or decode capability exists. Encode and decode capability will be added in #47.

Ancillary functionality:

  1. base64 – Enables support for base64 encoding and decoding.
  2. serde – Enables support for serializing and deserializing types with the serde crate.
  3. arbitrary – Enables support for interop with the arbitrary crate.

Channels of XDR:

  • curr – XDR types built from the stellar/stellar-xdr curr branch.
  • next – XDR types built from the stellar/stellar-xdr next branch.

If a single channel is enabled the types are available at the root of the crate. If multiple channels are enabled they are available in modules at the root of the crate.


To use the CLI:

cargo install --locked stellar-xdr --version ... --features cli

Parse a TransactionEnvelope:

stellar-xdr decode --type TransactionEnvelope << -

Parse a ScSpecEntry stream from a contract:

stellar-xdr +next decode --type ScSpecEntry --input stream-base64 --output json-formatted << -

Parse a BucketEntry framed stream from a bucket file:

stellar-xdr decode --type BucketEntry --input stream-framed --output json-formatted bucket.xdr

License: Apache-2.0


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