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Set of binaries for working with Steam Workshop. Utilizes Steamworks, so Steam must be running for this to work.

Included are

  • workshop for downloading and inspecting workshop items
  • gma for working with Garry's Mod Addon files
# print metadata about workshop
workshop info 1512211167

# download workshop file to a file
workshop get 1512211167 > file.gma

# download + list file entries inside .gma
workshop get 1512211167 | gma list -

# download + unpack files inside .gma to folder "out" in working dir
workshop get 1512211167 | gma unpack - out

# unpack files matching given filter from .gma in working dir
# UNIMPLEMENTED: gma unpack myaddon.gma out "**.mdl"

# download + print contents of all files matching pattern
workshop get 1512211167 | gma cat - "**.lua"

# example usecase:
# very rough anti-backdoor script grepping for "http" in all files
workshop get 426998109 | gma cat - | grep http

# Get item, unpack to folder, update a file, repackage as gma, update to workshop
workshop get 2137434632 | gma unpack - out && echo `date` > out/date.txt && gma pack out | workshop update 2137434632 -


Compile with Steamworks SDK, e.g. STEAM_SDK_LOCATION=~/Downloads/steam_sdk cargo build

You can test locally with cargo run --bin workshop -- get 1512211167 | cargo run --bin gma -- list

For general use you'll probably want to install the binaries and place them on PATH. For that you can use STEAM_SDK_LOCATION=~/Downloads/steam_sdk cargo install --path . If you get a fun error (like dyld: Library not loaded: @loader_path/libsteam_api.dylib on OS X), try moving the dynamic library file (dylib,so,dll) from steam_sdk/redistributable_bin/<os>/ to where the binaries were installed to.

Note about app_id

If you run any of the workshop commands without a game running in the background, Steam will not be able to figure out the app_id and the binary will crash.

You can fix that by creating steam_appid.txt in the working directory or SteamAppId environment variable with the app id. The workshop binary provides -a <id> option to temporarily create the file with given id, and it'll also try its best to clean up the file before the command finishes.


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