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The parking_lot locks but usable in statics and const fn

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0.1.0 Dec 10, 2019

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The parking_lot locks but modified so that they can be used in statics on stable Rust.

The only thing preventing this was the fact that the API was implemented in a generic way in lock_api, and const trait bounds aren't fully supported yet. All this crate does is manually monomorphize (expand) the generic implementation, allowing Mutex::new, RwLock::new, and ReentrantMutex::new, etc to be used in statics.

It essentially exists so that you don't have to use a lazy_static or OnceCell for in cases where you shouldn't.


  1. Can't use our MutexGuard with Condvar from normal parking_lot.
  2. Some features have been renamed, e.g. serde => serde_support, in order to meet cargos rule about not having a feature && dep of the same name.
  3. Doesn't contain things from parking_lot other than the locks, although we do reexport the parking lot crate, e.g. static_locks::parking_lot::{...} is available.


Same as parking_lot, down to the copyright attribution. The author of stable_locks claims no additional copyright over the changes to the parking_lot code needed -- They were trivial.


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