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A REPL for the implementation in Rust of the Starlark language

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Starlark in Rust - REPL

A REPL for the Starlark language in Rust

Disclaimer: This is not an officially supported Google product. This project is supported on a best-effort basis and welcome contributions.

Starlark, formerly codenamed Skylark, is a non-Turing complete language based on Python that was made for the Bazel build system to define compilation plugin.

This REPL uses starlark crates.


A command line interpreter is provided by this project, it can interpret files passed at the command line and also start a REPL (Read-Eval-Print Loop). The usage of this program is:

Starlark in Rust interpreter

    starlark-rust [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] [file]...

    -a, --ast           Parse and print AST instead of evaluating.
    -b, --build-file    Parse the build file format instead of full Starlark. See https://docs.rs/starlark/0.3.0-
    -h, --help          Prints help information
    -r, --repl          Run a REPL after files have been parsed.
    -V, --version       Prints version information

    -c <command>        Starlark command to run after files have been parsed.

    <file>...    Files to interpret


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