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Stack trait with entry API for the LIFO element

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Stack trait

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Stack trait with entry API for the LIFO element.


use stack_trait::{Stack, LIFOEntry};

// types are written explicitly for clarity
fn main() {
    let mut stack: Vec<i32> = vec![1, 2, 3];
    // When we push to the stack, we can get an "entry" object
    // that corresponds to the pushed element.
    let mut entry: LIFOEntry<'_, Vec<i32>> = stack.lifo_push(4);
    // This object can be dereferenced to get the shared
    // reference to the element.
    assert_eq!(*entry, 4);
    // We also can dereference LIFO entry mutably to get
    // the mutable reference to the element and change the
    // element.
    *entry = 5;
    // After this we can dereference it immutably again.
    assert_eq!(*entry, 5);
    // However, we must drop the entry before we can use
    // the stack again.
    assert_eq!(stack, vec![1, 2, 3, 5]);
    // In this case, we could be bold to use
    // `.lifo_unchecked()` unsafe method but the
    // boundary check at this unwrap should be
    // optimized out by the compiler.
    let entry = stack.lifo().unwrap();
    // In addition, we can pop the element from the stack
    assert_eq!(entry.pop_pointee(), 5);
    assert_eq!(stack, vec![1, 2, 3]);

As demonstrated above, LIFOEntry<'a,C> can be coverted to &'a C, &'a mut C or even C at our discretion.


At the point of writing, this trait is implemented only for Vec<T>. However, having this trait implemented for other types, such as ArrayVec<T> is welcome.

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