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A useless CLI tool for interacting with Scratch

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Claw is CLI tool for interacting with Scratch. (such as following users or loving a project)


Currently only possible through

cargo install ssli

But this is not very accessible, I will add other methods asap... :/


Your entered Scratch credentials are stored at:

  • Linux: /home/alice/.local/share/ssli
  • macOS: /Users/Alice/Library/Application Support/org.UserFriend.ssli
  • Windows: C:\Users\Alice\AppData\Roaming\UserFriend\ssli\data

You can always clear all ssli's data through:

ssli reset


ssli login [NAME]

[NAME] - name for the session, for example 'main' (this is not name of your Scratch account!)

  • Example:
ssli login main
  - or..
ssli login alt

After entering command it will ask for credentials (username and password).

Cookie based login

ssli auth [NAME]

After entering command asks for your Scratch cookies.

Manage auth sessions

To switch current account to another

ssli switch [NAME]

For example

ssli switch alt
  - or..
ssli switch main

Removing auth session

ssli unauth [NAME]

Usage examples

ssli user griffpatch fol    // follow griffpatch
ssli studio 114 lock        // make studio private
ssli studio 114 tgc         // toggle studio comments
ssli studio 114 title "Cool studio"     // set studio title
ssli project 114            // get and output project general metadata


ssli -h
ssli user --help
ssli studio -h


There is a problem that it says operation was successful while it actually wasn't. So not everything saying "Success" was actually done, don't get scared.


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