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Data format used to communicate with openssh mux server

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0.4.7 Sep 27, 2021
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This crate is now renamed to ssh_format.

Data format used to communicate with openssh mux server.

Format details:

  • All integers are encoded in big endian;
  • Boolean are encoded as u32 according to here;
  • char are encoded as u32;
  • Strings and bytes are encoded as length(u32) + content, same as sshbuf_put_string;
  • Option::None are omitted while Option::Some(v) has the same encoding as v since openssh mux protocol allows optional parameter at the end of the message;
  • struct/tuple are encoded as-is, unit struct/tuple are omitted;
  • sequence are encoded as if it is a tuple according to here, thus it cannot be deserialized;
  • Variant is encoded as index(u32) + content encoded as-is (it is expected to manually implement Serialize and Deserialize to ensure the variant_index is the one you expected);
  • Serializing/Deserializing map is unsupported;


  • is_human_readable enables Serializer::is_human_readable and Deserializer::is_human_readable.