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Derive macro for SQLx to get metadata about the entity such as column names

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0.1.0 Dec 18, 2022

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Sqlx Meta

A library derived as a slim version of sqlx-crud to provide metadata about the entity it marks, design to only provide the building blocks for you to build your own queries.

Getting started

Add to your dependencies:

sqlx-meta = "0.1.0"

And mark your entity with SqlxMeta:

#[derive(Default, Debug, Clone, sqlx::FromRow, SqlxMeta)]
pub struct File {
    pub id: Option<i32>,
    pub entry_time: String,
    pub abs_path: String,
    pub path: String,
    pub ext: Option<String>,
    pub mode: Option<String>,
    // ..

Build your own query (prefer lazy_static when it doesn't really change):

lazy_static! {
    static ref INSERT_SQL: String = {
        let cols = &File::columns()[1..];

        let holders = (0..cols.len()).map(|_| "?").collect::<Vec<_>>().join(", ");

        let excludes = cols
            .map(|c| format!("'{}'=excluded.'{}'", c, c))
        // ..
        // ..

Use the update_binds or insert_binds methods to save up typing:

use sqlx_meta::{Binds, Schema};
f.update_binds(q).fetch_optional(&mut conn).await?;


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