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A simple tool to control spotify from the command line

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A simple tool to control spotify from the command line. Based on rspotify.


SpotifyCtl has few commmands:

  • get: Display the currently playing track or episode.
  • previous: Restart the current track or skip to the previous track.
  • next: Skip to the next track.
  • play-pause: Pause or resume playback.


SpotifyCtl is written in Rust. First, one need to Install a rust toolchain. And then run:

cargo install --path .


  1. One need to create a spotify app on the dedicated page.
  2. You will get a Client Id and a Client Secret. Note them down.
  3. Edit the settings of your app to add a Redirect URI. I suggest using https://localhost:8888/callback. This URI do not need to be accessible.
  4. Add any user email that will be able to use spotifyctl.
  5. Export the following environment variables with the values noted down:
export RSPOTIFY_CLIENT_ID=ef0fbc0adc633de52214e7a211a13310
export RSPOTIFY_CLIENT_SECRET=08c77cdf9a8df31ffac2cd03eff0a748
export RSPOTIFY_REDIRECT_URI=https://localhost:8888/callback
  1. Run spotifyctl get in a terminal. This should start a browser when you will to let your spotify user accept to connect to your new spotify app.
  2. You will redirected to an invalid webpage. Note that URL and past it to the terminal where you ran spotifyctl get.
  3. This will occur only once since spotifyctl will store a renewable token on the disk and you will not have to authenticate using a browser again.
  4. Run any other spotifyctl command whenever you want, but always with the previously defined environment variables.


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