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Helper functions to determine the first/last repetition of something

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This tiny crate contains functions and types to help you do something special when repeating for the first or last time (or in between!). This crate offers two distinct features:

  • IterStatusExt::with_status: a new method for iterators, that creates a new iterator which yields the item paired with information to tell you if this is the first/last item.
  • SkipFirst: a simple struct to help you always do something, except on the first repetition. Works without iterators, too!


(also see examples/)

let names = ["anna", "peter", "brigitte", "bob"];

for (name, status) in names.iter().with_status() {
    print!("{}", name);

    if status.is_first() {
        print!(" <-- winner (ᵔᴥᵔ)");
    if status.is_last_only() {
        print!(" ... ʘ︵ʘ");


The old programming problem – commas in between elements:

let mut comma = SkipFirst::new();

for name in &["banana", "melon", "kiwi"] {
    comma.skip_first(|| print!(", "));
    print!("{}", name);



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