Cargo Features

spl-token-2022 = { version = "3.0.2", default-features = false, features = ["test-sbf", "serde-traits", "zk-ops", "token-group", "confidential-hook"] }
default = confidential-hook, token-group, zk-ops

These default features are set whenever spl-token-2022 is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

no-entrypoint test-sbf

Enables base64, serde, and serde_with, serde-traits of spl-pod

Affects spl-token-2022::serialization

zk-ops default

Remove this feature once the underlying syscalls are released on all networks

Affects ciphertext_extraction::TransferPubkeysInfo, ciphertext_extraction::TransferProofContextInfo, ciphertext_extraction::TransferWithFeePubkeysInfo, ciphertext_extraction::TransferWithFeeProofContextInfo, processor::verify_and_split_deposit_amount, verify_proof::verify_transfer_proof, verify_proof::verify_transfer_with_fee_proof

token-group default

Remove this feature once the token group implementation has been audited

Affects processor::process_instruction

confidential-hook default

Remove this feature once the confidential transfer hook has been audited