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This is a rust API wrapper for https://spacetraders.io V2

Now generated by https://openapi-generator.tech/docs/generators/rust/

Includes patches for documentation missing from the main API docs


Use the following example to get started.

use spacedust::apis::agents_api::get_my_agent;
use spacedust::apis::configuration::Configuration;
use spacedust::apis::default_api::register;
use spacedust::models::register_request::{Faction, RegisterRequest};

async fn main() -> Result<(), Box<dyn std::error::Error>> {
    // Create Configuration
    let mut conf = Configuration::new();

    // Create Register Request
    let reg_req = RegisterRequest::new(Faction::Cosmic, "<3-14 character string>".to_string());

    // Register Agent
    let register_response = register(&conf, Some(reg_req)).await;

    match register_response {
        Ok(res) => {
            println!("{:#?}", res);
            // Update Config with Agent Token
            conf.bearer_access_token = Some(res.data.token);
        Err(err_res) => {
            panic!("{:#?}", err_res);

    // Get Agent Details to Confirm Working
    match get_my_agent(&conf).await {
        Ok(res) => {
            println!("{:#?}", res);
            // Print Symbol
            println!("My Symbol: {:#?}", res.data.symbol);
        Err(err_res) => {
            panic!("{:#?}", err_res);


Generation Instructions

FIRST update the docs fork with the spacedust patches. You can just 'Sync Fork' from the github web UI unless there are merge conflicts (there haven't been so far)

Clone the project, including --recurse-submodules:

git clone --recurse-submodules git@github.com:brct-james/spacedustrs.git

Ensure submodules are initialized and updated:

git submodule update --init --recursive --remote

Clean the output directory:

sudo rm -rf client-dist

Remake the directory:

mkdir client-dist

Update your local image of openapitools/openapi-generator-cli:latest-release

docker pull openapitools/openapi-generator-cli:latest-release

Run the following command, which uses the openapi-generator-cli docker image to generate the client:

docker run --rm \
  -v ${PWD}:/local openapitools/openapi-generator-cli:latest-release generate \
  -i /local/spacetraders-api-docs-spacedust-patch/reference/SpaceTraders.json \
  -g rust \
  -o /local/client-dist \

Copy the client-dist/src to src

cp -r client-dist/src .

Notice: For the moment, manually check that the content-length middleware fixes (cargo.toml dependencies async-trait and task-local-extensions, lib.rs mod middleware, src/middleware.rs, and src/apis/configuration.rs reqwest_middleware_builder) are not being reverted. You will probably need to use at minimum the following:

git checkout 34a74b36e341444a8dbe6ee979bb0163cbfe3bb9 src/apis/configuration.rs
git checkout 34a74b36e341444a8dbe6ee979bb0163cbfe3bb9 src/lib.rs

Todo: Create a better merge strategy - perhaps maintain the content-length-middleware branch and merge it into the local branch after generating a new client?

Update Cargo.toml with any new dependencies, update documentation, tick version, commit changes, and publish to cargo


~266K SLoC