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A Rust toolkit for RDF and Linked Data.

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It comprises the following crates:

  • sophia_api defines a generic API for RDF and linked data, as a set of core traits and types; more precisely, it provides traits for describing
    • terms, triples and quads,
    • graphs and datasets,
    • parsers and serializers
  • sophia_iri provides functions, types and traits for validating and resolving IRIs.
  • sophia_inmem defines in-memory implementations of the Graph and Dataset traits from sophia_api.
  • sophia_term defines various implementations of the Term trait from sophia_api.
  • sophia_turtle provides parsers and serializers for the Turtle-family of concrete syntaxes.
  • sophia_xml provides parsers and serializers for RDF/XML.
  • sophia_jsonld provides preliminary support for JSON-LD.
  • sophia_c14n implements RDF canonicalization.
  • sophia_resource provides a resource-centric API.
  • sophia_rio is a lower-level crate, used by the ones above.

and finally:

  • sophia is the “all-inclusive” crate, re-exporting symbols from all the crates above. (actually, sophia_xml is only available if the xml feature is enabled)

In addition to the API documentation, a high-level user documentation is available (although not quite complete yet).


CECILL-B (compatible with BSD)


When using Sophia, please use the following citation:

Champin, P.-A. (2020) ‘Sophia: A Linked Data and Semantic Web toolkit for Rust’, in Wilde, E. and Amundsen, M. (eds). The Web Conference 2020: Developers Track, Taipei, TW. Available at: https://www2020devtrack.github.io/site/schedule.


        title = {{Sophia: A Linked Data and Semantic Web toolkit for Rust},
        author = {Champin, Pierre-Antoine},
        howpublished = {{The Web Conference 2020: Developers Track}},
        address = {Taipei, TW},
        editor = {Wilde, Erik and Amundsen, Mike},
        month = apr,
        year = {2020},
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        url = {https://www2020devtrack.github.io/site/schedule}

Third-party crates

The following third-party crates are using or extending Sophia

  • hdt provides an implementation of Sophia's traits based on the HDT format.
  • manas is a modular framework for implementing Solid compatible servers
  • nanopub is a toolkit for managing [nanopublications(https://nanopub.net/)


An outdated comparison of Sophia with other RDF libraries is still available here.


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