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A collection of tools which can be used in the Bevy Engine

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0.2.4 Apr 14, 2024
0.2.3 Apr 14, 2024
0.2.1 Mar 31, 2024
0.1.0 Mar 12, 2024

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Some bevy tools

This repo contains extensions for the great Bevy Engine. My goal is to have a crate which provides ECS stuff I regularly use in projects to save me time in future Bevy Game Jams. This crate tries to make the usage as simple as possible so the developer can focus on the main content of the game.

Some Bevy Tools Logo

Currently supported features are:

  • Automatic despawn after a period of time.
  • Automatic despawn of components on a state change.
  • Range component which keeps its value between a min and a max value and writes events if min or max was reached. For example it can be used for health to detect death.
  • Simplified processing of events on collisions in rapier.
  • Mapping of user inputs to custom events. (currently only keyboard events are supported for now)
  • Loading of assets on a loading state and storing them automatically in a resource using reflect.
  • Split screen support.
  • SBS support. It is basically a split screen which allows a sterioscopic view by using special hardware like XReal or Virture glasses.
  • Loop music on specific positions and change the loop position while the music is playing
  • Third party camera and controller
  • 2D Camera and simple top down character controller

Additionally, I try to document each module with at least one example. This should ensure that there are no accidential breaking changes.

Version history and Bevy version

Version Bevy
0.1 0.13
0.2 0.13


Make sure to use these lines in your Cargo.toml

bevy = "0.13.1"
some_bevy_tools = "0.2.1"


By default, all features are enabled to get you started quickly. To optimize the build, disable the default features and only use which is requied.

The core features of this crate are:

Feature Description Bevy features
audio_loop Adds support for looping inside of audio files (usually music) bevy_audio, bevy_asset
loading Load assets into resources using reflect. bevy_asset
split_screen Enables split screen support using two cameras. bevy_render
sbs_3d Allow 3D output using SBS (side-by-side) rendering. bevy_render

These features add bevy_rapier as dependency:

Feature Description Additional dependency
bevy_rapier2d Simplify collision events bevy_rapier2d
bevy_rapier3d Simplify collision events bevy_rapier3d

These are just features which enable a bunch of bevy features required to do usual stuff to get started quickly but do not enable all of the bevy features.

Feature Description Bevy features
audio_deluxe Adds audio and audio file formats bevy_audio, vorbis, bevy_asset
display_minimum Only what is required to display a window and process events x11, bevy_winit
display_deluxe Enable features which allow to draw sprites or 3D objects x11, bevy_winit, bevy_asset, bevy_render, bevy_sprite, png, bevy_pbr, tonemapping_luts
all Enable everything except for rapier bevy_audio, vorbis, bevy_asset, x11, bevy_winit, bevy_asset, bevy_render, bevy_sprite, png, bevy_pbr, tonemapping_luts

CI (copied from the Bevy starter template)

Definition: .github/workflows/ci.yaml

This workflow runs on every commit to main branch, and on every PR targeting the main branch.

It will use rust stable on linux, with cache between different executions, those commands:

  • cargo test
  • cargo clippy -- -D warnings
  • cargo fmt --all -- --check

If you are using anything OS specific or rust nightly, you should update the file ci.yaml to use those.

Code License

Media License


Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in the work by you, as defined in the Apache-2.0 license, shall be triple licensed as above, without any additional terms or conditions.


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