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A distributed Gremlin-compatible graph database

Open for contribution 🚀



What is SolomonDB?

SolomonDB is an open source, distributed, easy-to-use, user friendly graph database built by nomadic engineers. SolomonDB enhances the experience of working with graph database using GQL (Gremlin Query Language). SolomonDB can run in an offline mode and acts as an embedded graph database on top of RocksDB. Last but not least, SolomonDB is a database for community. It supports multiple storage layer with a set of plugins for serialization.

Why is it named "Solomon"?

Solomon is the name of a the wisest person who ever lived, King Solomon. If you have ever read Bible, you might know some stories of King Solomon. One of those stories is when King Solomon asks for wishdom. Based on that idea, Solomon DB is built as my personal side project to gain more knowledge about database internals and graph database architecture.


  • Implement RocskDB storage layer
  • Implement Redb storage layer
  • Database server
  • Embedded library
  • Support Gremlin query language
  • Multi-row, multi-table ACID transactions
  • Single-node, or highly-scalable distributed mode
  • Store structured and unstructured data
  • Client (JS / Rust / Go) library


For guidance on installation, development, deployment, and administration, see our SolomonDB documentation.

The documentation page is built using Rust Mdbook. Shoutout to Rust ecosystem. ❤️


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