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This crate implements a unified testing infrastructure that allows developers to write tests as individual Move IR programs, send them through the entire pipeline, and check the output of each stage using inline directives.

How to run functional tests

Run cargo test inside this crate, or cargo test -p functional_tests anywhere in the repo. cargo test also accepts a filter: cargo test foo runs only the tests with foo in the name.

Adding a new test

To add a new test, simply create a new .mvir file in tests/testsuite. The test harness will recursively search for all move ir sources in the directory and register each of them as a test case.

Checking the test output using directives

Directives are essentially comments with special meanings to the testing infra. They can be used to define patterns that should appear in the test output. If the test output does not match the pattern specified, the test is considered a failure.

The test output is a log-like structure that consists of the debug print of the data structure each pipeline stage outputs. In case there is an error, it is the debug print of the error. Good tests should match only crucial details such as the name of the error and omit unimportant details such as formatting, spaces, brackets etc.

When no directives are specified, the testing infra requires a test program to pass all stages of the pipeline. Any error will result in a test failure.

See tests/testsuite/examples for more examples.


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