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Sofa - CouchDB for Rust

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Here: http://docs.rs/sofa


sofa = "0.6"


This crate is an interface to CouchDB HTTP REST API. Works with stable Rust.

Does not support #![no_std]

After trying most crates for CouchDB in Rust (chill, couchdb in particular), none of them fit our needs hence the need to create our own.

No async I/O (yet), uses a mix of Reqwest and Serde under the hood, with a few nice abstractions out there.

NOT 1.0 YET, so expect changes

Supports CouchDB 2.0 and up.

Be sure to check CouchDB's Documentation in detail to see what's possible.

Running tests

Make sure that you have an instance of CouchDB 2.0+ running, either via the supplied docker-compose.yml file or by yourself. It must be listening on the default port.

And then cargo test -- --test-threads=1

Single-threading the tests is very important because we need to make sure that the basic features are working before actually testing features on dbs/documents.

Why the name "Sofa"

CouchDB has a nice name, and I wanted to reflect that.


Licensed under either of these:

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We create innovative user experiences and journeys through services with a focus on IoT lately.

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