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Convert Super Mario 64 GameShark codes to SM64 PC port patches

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Convert Super Mario 64 GameShark codes to SM64 PC port patches



This tool converts GameShark cheat codes for Super Mario 64 into patches for PC ports of Super Mario 64, such as sm64-port and sm64ex. It's available as both a web app and a command-line tool.

Web app

A web app can be accessed at https://sm64gs2pc.github.io


To compile the sm64gs2pc web app yourself:

  1. Install wasm-pack
  2. cd sm64gs2pc-web
  3. ./build.sh
  4. The web app will be built in static/

Command-line tool


  1. Install Rust
  2. Run cargo install sm64gs2pc
    • On Unix, this installs to ~/.cargo/bin by default


sm64gs2pc --code <code> --name <name> > output.patch
  • --code <code> - Path to file with GameShark code to convert
  • --name <name> - Name of GameShark cheat

The output patch file can be applied to a PC port fork, but a base patch must be applied first.


Certain types of codes are unsupported

Function patching

Codes that patch functions are unsupported, because compiler and CPU differences make function patching infeasible. This is unlikely to ever be supported.

GameShark button

Codes that use the GameShark (GS) button are unsupported, because it's not clear which key it should be, and how it should be handled with the different PC port forks. It's possible to add support after figuring this out, though.

Read-only data patching

Certain data is read-only in the PC ports, and can't be modified at runtime. One example is the player model, so color-changing hat codes unfortunately won't work. Any declarations with const or static have this problem. This might be possible to fix, but it's unclear how to get the memory addresses of these declarations from the decompilation repo.

Unknown code types

Some GameShark code types have unknown functionality, and it's almost impossible to find any information on them. Even Nintendo 64 emulators don't support them. One example is the A4 code type. Basically, if a code is unsupported in Mupen64Plus or Project64, sm64gs2pc definitely won't support it.


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