Cargo Features

Clang has no features set by default.

clang = { version = "2.0.0", features = ["clang_3_5", "clang_3_6", "clang_3_7", "clang_3_8", "clang_3_9", "clang_4_0", "clang_5_0", "clang_6_0", "clang_7_0", "clang_8_0", "clang_9_0", "clang_10_0", "runtime", "static"] }
clang_3_5 clang_3_6?

Enables clang_3_5 of clang-sys

clang_3_6 clang_3_7? = clang_3_5

Enables clang_3_6 of clang-sys

Affects clang::StorageClass, clang::TemplateArgument

clang_3_7 clang_3_8? = clang_3_6

Enables clang_3_7 of clang-sys

clang_3_8 clang_3_9? = clang_3_7

Enables clang_3_8 of clang-sys

Affects clang::Visibility, utility::to_string_set_option

clang_3_9 clang_4_0? = clang_3_8

Enables clang_3_9 of clang-sys

Affects clang::EvaluationResult

clang_4_0 clang_5_0? = clang_3_9

Enables clang_4_0 of clang-sys

clang_5_0 clang_6_0? = clang_4_0

Enables clang_5_0 of clang-sys

Affects clang::ExceptionSpecification, clang::ExternalSymbol, clang::Target

clang_6_0 clang_7_0? = clang_5_0

Enables clang_6_0 of clang-sys

Affects clang::TlsKind

clang_7_0 clang_8_0? = clang_6_0

Enables clang_7_0 of clang-sys

Affects clang::PrintingPolicyFlag, clang::PrettyPrinter

clang_8_0 clang_9_0? = clang_7_0

Enables clang_8_0 of clang-sys

Affects clang::Nullability

clang_9_0 clang_10_0? = clang_8_0

Enables clang_9_0 of clang-sys

clang_10_0 = clang_9_0

Enables clang_10_0 of clang-sys


Enables runtime of clang-sys


Enables static of clang-sys