Cargo Features

clang_sys has no features set by default.

clang-sys = { version = "1.7.0", features = ["clang_3_5", "clang_3_6", "clang_3_7", "clang_3_8", "clang_3_9", "clang_4_0", "clang_5_0", "clang_6_0", "clang_7_0", "clang_8_0", "clang_9_0", "clang_10_0", "clang_11_0", "clang_12_0", "clang_13_0", "clang_14_0", "clang_15_0", "clang_16_0", "clang_17_0", "runtime", "static"] }
clang_3_5 clang_3_6?
clang_3_6 clang_3_7? = clang_3_5
clang_3_7 clang_3_8? = clang_3_6

Affects clang-sys::CXFieldVisitor

clang_3_8 clang_3_9? = clang_3_7

Affects clang-sys::CXStringSet

clang_3_9 clang_4_0? = clang_3_8
clang_4_0 clang_5_0? = clang_3_9
clang_5_0 clang_6_0? = clang_4_0
clang_6_0 clang_7_0? = clang_5_0
clang_7_0 clang_8_0? = clang_6_0

Affects clang-sys::CXIdxEntityRefInfo.role

clang_8_0 clang_9_0? = clang_7_0
clang_9_0 clang_10_0? = clang_8_0
clang_10_0 clang_11_0? = clang_9_0
clang_11_0 clang_12_0? = clang_10_0
clang_12_0 clang_13_0? = clang_11_0
clang_13_0 clang_14_0? = clang_12_0
clang_14_0 clang_15_0? = clang_13_0
clang_15_0 clang_16_0? = clang_14_0
clang_16_0 clang_17_0? = clang_15_0
clang_17_0 = clang_16_0

Affects clang-sys::CXIndexOptions_Flags, clang-sys::CXIndexOptions_Flags, clang-sys::CXIndexOptions_ExcludeDeclarationsFromPCH, clang-sys::CXIndexOptions_DisplayDiagnostics, clang-sys::CXIndexOptions_StorePreamblesInMemory, clang-sys::CXIndexOptions

runtime = libloading

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

libloading runtime?