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A language server protocol implementation for Slint

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LSP (Language Server Protocol) Server for Slint

This directory contains the implementation of the LSP server for Slint featuring diagnostics, code completion, goto definition, and more importantly, live-preview

Generic usage

The LSP server consists of a binary, slint-lsp (or slint-lsp.exe on Windows). It provides all the functionality and allows any programming editor that also implements the standardized LSP protocol to communicate with it.

If you have Rust installed, you can install the binary by running the following command:

cargo install slint-lsp

This makes the latest released version available in $HOME/.cargo/bin. If you would like to try a development version, you can also point cargo install to the git repository: for the released version. Or, to install the develoment version:

cargo install slint-lsp --git https://github.com/slint-ui/slint --force

Alternatively, you can download one of our pre-built binaries for Linux or Windows:

  1. Open https://github.com/slint-ui/slint/releases
  2. Click on the latest release
  3. From "Assets" download either slint-lsp-linux.tar.gz for a Linux x86-64 binary or slint-lsp-windows.zip for a Windows x86-64 binary.
  4. Uncompress the downloaded archive into a location of your choice.

As the next step, configure your editor to use the binary, no arguments are required

Editor configuration

Please check the editors folder in the Slint repository for instructions on how to set up different editors to work with Slint.


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