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The name is a reference to Sleipnir, in keeping with other Norse names for our memory safe stuff.


copied from fontations

We use cargo-release to help guide the release process. It can be installed with cargo install cargo-release. You may need to install pkg-config via your package manager for this to work.

Releasing involves the following steps:

  1. Determine which crates may need to be published: run cargo release changes to see which crates have been modified since their last release.

  2. Determine the new versions for the crates.

    • Before 1.0, breaking changes bump the minor version number, and non-breaking changes modify the patch number.
  3. Update manifest versions and release. ./resources/scripts/bump-version.sh orchestrates this process.

    • cargo release does all the heavy lifting
    # To see usage
    # To do the thing
    ./resources/scripts/bump-version.sh  sleipnir patch
  4. Commit these changes to a new branch, get it approved and merged, and switch to the up-to-date main.

  5. Publish the crates. ./resources/scripts/release.sh orchestrates the process.

    • You will be prompted to review changes along the way
    # To see usage
    # To do the thing
    ./resources/scripts/release.sh sleipnir


~90K SLoC