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Small binary utility for updating the slack status from the terminal. I use it for my pomodoro app.

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This is an small utility for updating your slack status. I wrote it in Rust because it is multiplatform, fast and dependency free.

I use it with my pomodoro app. I may publish it as a crate in the future after some time using it.


After git pull and cd into the directory:

cargo install --path .

How to use

TL;DR. As an example:

slacktus -t xoxp-00000000000-00000000000-00000000000-00000000000000000000000000000000 -e :tomato: -s 'Focusing for 25 min, I will respond in a bit' -d 1

After it is installed, execute slacktus --help and it will show all the options.

Slacktus - Change your slack status with one command. 1.0
David Bonet <dbmontes@gmail.com>
It updates your slack status in one command. Perfect for pomodoro apps and similar.

    slacktus [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] --token <token>

    -h, --help       Prints help information
    -V, --version    Prints version information
    -v, --verbose    Prints the Request and the Response

        --api-url <api_url>          The Slack API url. By default is https://slack.com/api/users.profile.set
    -d, --duration <duration>        Seconds you want your status to stay there. Overwrites expiration flag.
    -e, --emoji <emoji>              The emoji you want in your slack. Use the text of one of the slack's emojis.
    -x, --expiration <expiration>    When is it going to expire? Pass a date in UNIX timestamp format. 0 by default (won't expire)
    -s, --status <status>            The status text you want in your slack.
    -t, --token <token>              The Slack API token used for the API call. You can get your token here:


The project is veeery simple. Additions are welcome. Any change or improvement, welcome too. Just let me know the use case. If I have time I would love to updated and extend it too.


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