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What is skryn?

skryn is a (work-in-progress) Desktop GUI framework based on servo/webrender. It's aim is to have a pure rust implementation of a framework that is easy to use and extend. The motivation behind starting skryn was to get a simple hardware based rendered GUI without having any other web technologies be in the way.


  1. Start the window manager at desired FPS.
  2. The minimum requirement to create your own elements is to implement the Element trait.
  3. Use implemented elements to create complex elements.
  4. Library provided minimalistic Observables.
  5. Multithreading safe.
  6. Simplified length Units (Natural, Extent, Stretch, Pixel).
  7. Show a cursor in TextBox element.
  8. Paste into and Copy from TextBox.
  9. Supports RTL languages.

Project Status (Limitations/Features planned)

There are many limitations in the project. Following is the known list of these (not limited to)

  1. Cross Element communication
  2. Observables need a better implementation.
  3. There are no animations at the moment. (Possible through implementation of own Element).
  4. Needs z-index like concept.


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