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Speedy Git (sit) is a CLI tool to automate common git workflows and provide safer defaults

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0.1.2 Dec 16, 2023
0.1.1 Aug 3, 2023
0.1.0 Jul 20, 2023

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Speedy Git aka Sit

Sit is a command line tool built to wrap git commands into quicker and more concise commands with safer defaults. This is currently a very basic implementation and a young app, so there is a lot of room for development!


Currently, only binary installations for Windows and a crates.io installation for Rust devs are supported. Deploying to other binary targets is planned for the future, as well as registering with many package registries!



Download sit.exe from the latest releases page to a directory in your PATH, like the ~\Downloads directory. To double-check existing paths, run $env:Path -split ';' in powershell. To add to the PATH variable, run $addPath = 'C:\YourPath'.

Crates.io (Rust Devs)

Installing Rust may be worth it for easy updating (cargo update) rather than manual binary installations. If Rust is installed, you can run cargo install sit. It will copy binary targets to ~/.cargo/bin/, so if sit is having trouble running, ensure that your shell is checking that directory!


sit git
sit commit <msg> git add .
git commit --message="msg"
sit push git push --set-upstream origin <curr_branch>
sit update <msg> git add .
git commit --message="msg"
git push --set-upstream origin <curr_branch>
sit make <url> git init
git remote add origin <url>


  • sit commands will fail if current directory is not a git repository
  • commands listed with the <curr_branch> parameter use the current working branch
  • sit make will only git init if repo is not already initialized


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