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A super simple markdown-based static site generator

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Small weekend-ish (for now!) project written in rust, to fulfill the needs of hosting my own personal site. Is there already more well-written tools out there? Of course, but it’s more fun to learn how to make it ourselves isn't it?

Folder Structure

There's a simple folder structure simplistis follows.

(root) ->
  _index.md (index content file, required)
  template.hbs (index template file, required)

  content.hbs (content template file, optional, but required if there's file
other than _index.md)
  [slug].md (content file, optional)

  (sub-folder) ->
    _index.md (subfolder index content file, required)
    template.hbs (subfolder index template file, required)

    (the rest are basically the same as the root)

To see a valid example of this folder structure you can see the test_file folder. This will contains a very simple (or as you can say simplistis) homepage, and blog example.


Currently simplistis only supports CLI interface, though it is very easy to use. The only command you need to use and remember (though this maybe changing in the future, but rest assured I'll be sure to make it compatible!).

simplistis [template directory root] [output directory root]

[!WARNING] This will also clear off any file (recursively) of your [output directory root]!


  • Fix test to follow the new convention (if you check git, there's 2 different folder structure before this)


This project is developed by the all the contributors. The list should show below.


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