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app simple-task-timer

A simple timer for keeping track of your tasks without leaving the terminal

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Simple Task Timer

A simple timer for keeping track of your tasks without leaving the terminal.

$ timer list -a
[1] 'working-on-my-app': 45:30:00
#[2] 'code-review-pr-x': 00:20:02

Total: 45:50:02
Usage: timer [OPTIONS] [COMMAND]

  list     List running tasks
  create   Create a new task
  delete   Delete a task
  start    Start running a task timer
  stop     Stop running a task timer
  rename   Rename a task
  add      Add time to a task
  sub      Subtract time from a task
  set      Set the total duration time for a task
  archive  Move a task to archive file
  clear    Clear all tasks of the selected tasktype
  help     Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)

  -t, --tasktype <VALUE>  Type of tasks you want to work on (current, archive) [default: current]
  -h, --help              Print help
  -V, --version           Print version


Create a task and start running its timer

$ timer create -s working-on-my-app
Task working-on-my-app created with id 1

Start a task timer

$ timer start 1
Task 1 started

Stop a task timer

$ timer stop 1
Task 1 stopped

Add time to a task

$ timer add 1 5m
Added 5m to task with id 1, new timer: 23:35:02

List running tasks:

$ timer list
#[1] 'working-on-my-app': 23:35:02

Total: 23:35:02

List all tasks using -a option, currently running tasks are marked with # and they are updated to add the time from when it started running

$ timer list -a
#[1] 'working-on-my-app': 23:35:39
[2] 'code-review-pr-x': 00:20:00

Total: 23:55:39

Set a new time for a task

$ timer set 1 45h30m
New time 45h30m set for task 1

$ timer list -a
[1] 'working-on-my-app': 45:30:00
[2] 'code-review-pr-x': 00:20:00

Total: 45:50:00

Archive task moves it to archived file which can be accesed using -t archive option

$ timer archive 2
Task 2 archived with archive id 1

$ timer list -a
[1] 'working-on-my-app': 45:30:00

Total: 45:30:00

$ timer -t archive list -a
[1] 'code-review-pr-x': 00:20:00

Total: 00:20:00

Delete all tasks from archive.

$ timer -t archive clear
Do you want to proceed clearing all archive tasks? (Y/N)
Tasks cleared.

$ timer -t archive list -a
There are no tasks.


Run the build command and copy the executable to wherever you want to store the files. Don't forget to add to path.

// Linux
cargo build --release

// Windows
cargo build --release --target x86_64-pc-windows-gnu


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