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A simple, little CLI simon game

2 stable releases

✓ Uses Rust 2018 edition

1.1.1 Aug 12, 2019

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Simon CLI

A simple, little CLI simon game.
Written in Rust; the only crate dependency is rand for randomization.



From crates.io

cargo install simoncli

From source

You will need cargo to compile from source, which is shipped with Rust.
Run cargo run from within the project's root to compile and run the game.
You can also install from source by running the following from within the project's root:

cargo install --path .

Now you should have simoncli available from your shell.


Once installed, simply run the game with simoncli (or cargo run)
and the game will start.
Remember the order in which numbers show up in the squares,
then repeat the pattern by typing the associated keys in the same order.

  • w for top-left
  • e for top-right
  • s for bottom-left
  • d for bottom-right

You can type out the whole pattern of keys in the same line and press enter to submit,
or you can input and submit the keys one-at-a-time.

If you mess-up, the game ends and your score is displayed.
You get one score point for every correct key in a pattern.
Your highscore is not saved; this might be a cool feature to have in the future.