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A framework for building wasm front-end web application in Rust

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Simi [WIP]

A framework for building wasm front-end web application in Rust. Simi is inspired by Yew

This is still a WIP. Breaking changes will occurs frequently.

  • No webpack, no nodejs
  • Component, nested component
  • Sub-apps
    • Your main app can have multiple sub-apps in it. A sub-app render its own view, independly from the parent app. Parent can send messages to sub-app and vice versa.
  • Try to avoid generating new virtual DOM on updating
    • Only generate new virtual DOM for some special cases
  • Auto compile .scss to .css, with the help of simi-cli (thanks to rsass)



Build on stable Rust

For information on how to build and serve a simi app, please see the guide (link in the Documentation section above).

The master branch is now supported build on stable Rust. But only examples in stable-examples/* can be successfully built on stable Rust now. If you use simi-cli, intstall it from git master and run simi build -s or simi build --stable in an example folder, for example, in stable-examples/counter. Or simi serve -s and visit localhost:8000.


A benchmark for Simi is submitted to https://github.com/krausest/js-framework-benchmark. Here is a snapshot result (see non-keyed result only, Simi does not support keyed-for-loop yet). Please note that Stdweb and Yew's benchmark binaries are built by Rust nightly-2018-07-11. Simi is built with Rust nightly around 2018-12-7->9 (don’t remember exactly). And a note from the benchmark repo:

The current snapshot that may not have the same quality (i.e. results might be for mixed browser versions, number of runs per benchmark may vary)


I do not familar with any license before so I am not sure what license to choose. I just draft my own minimal license in LICENSE at the root of this repo.


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