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command-line task management utility for work

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Sigotowarrior is a command-line task management utility especially for work.

Sigotowarrior is entirely inspired by Taskwarrior, but is a more work-oriented tool.

A Quick Demonstration

Let's see Sigotowarrior in action.

In Sigotowarrior, tasks are reffered as 'sigo', and a sigo is classified into one of three states: ready, waiting, or completed. A sigo is initially in the ready state.

$ task add "Write daily report"
Created sigo 1

$ task add "Reply XXX-123"
Created sigo 2

$ task add "Write unit tests for utils" --priority l
Created sigo 3

Now let's see the list.

$ sigo list

 id P description
 -- - ------------------
 1  M Write daily report
 2  M Reply XXX-123
 3  L Write unit tests for utils

Let's suppose the following.

  • We wrote the daily report.
  • We replied in XXX-123, but must wait for a response.
  • We haven't written any unit tests yet.
$ sigo done 1
Completed sigo 'Write daily report'

$ sigo wait 2
Waiting sigo 2 'Reply XXX-123'

Then, the list and the waiting list would look like this.

$ sigo list

 id P description
 -- - --------------------------
 3  L Write unit tests for utils

$ sigo waiting

 id P description
 -- - -------------
 2  M Reply XXX-123

Those are the main features, the 'add', 'done', 'wait', 'list' and 'waiting' commands.



cargo install sigo

Sub commands

  • sigo add <description>: add the sigo
    • -p, --priority: set the priority
    • -w, --waiting: set the adding sigo waiting
  • sigo modify <id>: modify the sigo
    • -t, --text: modify the description
    • -p, --priority: modify the priority
  • sigo annotate <id> --text <annotation>: annotate the sigo
  • sigo wait <id>: change the status of the sigo from ready to waiting
    • -t, --text: annotate the sigo
  • sigo back <id>: change the status of the sigo from waiting to ready
    • -t, --text: annotate the sigo
  • sigo done <id>: done the sigo
  • sigo list: list ready tasks
  • sigo waiting: list waiting tasks


If you encounter any bugs or have any feature requests, we welcome issues or pull requests.


Sigotowarrior is released under the MIT license.


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