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Create cryptographic signatures for files and verify them

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Signify - Ed25519 signature tool

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Create cryptographic signatures for files and verify them. This is based on signify, the OpenBSD tool to sign and verify signatures on files. It is based on the Ed25519 public-key signature system by Bernstein et al.

signify-rs verifies signatures generated by BSD signify and signs data in a format that BSD signify can verify.
You can read more about the ideas and concepts behind signify in Securing OpenBSD From Us To You.


cargo install signify


Create a key pair:

signify -G -p pubkey -s seckey

Sign a file using the secret key:

signify -S -s seckey -m README.md

Verify the signature:

signify -V -p pubkey -m README.md


Currently, there are no unit tests. 😞
But we ensure that a full cycle of generating a keypair, then signing & verifying works. To do so:


For correctness, we compare interoperability with the OpenBSD signify:



  • No embedded signatures
  • No password-protection for secret keys

Both things will be implemented eventually. I also accept PRs.




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