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Looking for more UI and less CLI? Try out the new Siera Desktop application.

Siera is the most convenient way for self-sovereign identity (SSI) developers to interact with SSI agents.

  • Environments to easily manage configuration for multiple projects and agents
  • Automations that you can perform against an agent
  • Mock data so that you can focus on the important task of building your application instead of other foobar (coming soon 🚧)

If you are looking for more information about the concepts, example code and tutorials on how to use the CLI we recommend you check out our extensive docs.


Heres how to install Siera using the most popular package managers. For advanced installation options, binaries and troubleshooting we recommend checking out the installation guide.

macOS using Brew

brew tap animo/siera
brew install siera

Cargo install

cargo install --git https://github.com/animo/siera-cli

Manual build from source

git clone https://github.com/animo/siera-cli
cd siera-cli

# Run ONE of the following commands to build:
make build

cargo build --release

# Run ONE of the following commands to add install the siera into your PATH
make install

cargo install --path .

Getting started

In order to work with Siera an agent needs to be configured. With the following command you connect with our community agent and can access all the functionality.

siera configuration add --default

This command will set up the community agent. To set up your own agent or use our multi-tenant agent to get your own environment, see the set up guide.

If you are getting started with the tool we recommend enabling informational logs by passing the --verbose (or -v) flag.

To see all actions simply use the --help or -h flag or see the feature overview.


We intend to support multiple versions of the Aries agent. See the CLI help siera --help for a list of actions we currently support.

Feature Status Description
Environments Support multiple environments.
Connections Retrieve connections or create invitations.
Schemas Retrieve or create schemas.
Credentials Offer or propose credentials.
ACA-Py 0.7.3 support ACA-Py 0.7.3 support.
Verbosity Three verbosity levels and error messages.
Automation: offer credential mocked Offer a mocked data credential through an automation.
Community agent Default use with the Animo community agent.
Multitenancy Use a personal agent environment with your personal token.
Brew install Brew install.
Proofs Proofs.
Apt-get install Apt-get install.
Chocolaty install Chocolaty install.
Automation: offer credential custom Offer a custom data credential through an automation.
Filters 🚧 Use filters to determine what output you want returned.
Automation: definitions custom Create a schema + credential definition with custom data through an automation.
Automation: proofs mock 🚧 Present proof with mock data through an automation.
Automation: proofs custom 🚧 Present proof with custom data through an automation.


Is there something you'd like to fix or add to the CLI? Great! We 💗 community contributions. Get involved.


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