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Simple concurrent async get with expiration for Rust

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0.0.1 May 5, 2019

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Simple concurrent async get with expiration for Rust.

Latest Version Docs

shared-expiry-get is a wrapper for accessing and caching a remote data source with some expiration criteria.


  • retrieve only once even if multiple threads are trying to access the remote data at the same time
  • async support
  • update data on expiration

shared-expiry-get does not:

  • retry on error

Example Use Cases

  • cached access of an http source respecting cache control
  • cached access of a file which may get updated

A basic Example

struct MyProvider {}
struct Payload {}

impl Expiry for Payload {
    fn valid(&self) -> bool {

impl Provider<Payload> for MyProvider {
    fn update(&self) -> ExpiryFut<Payload> {
        future::ok::<Payload, ExpiryGetError>(Payload {}).into_future().boxed()

async fn main() {
    let rs = RemoteStore::new(MyProvider {});
    let payload = rs.get().await;


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