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selenium-rs is a client for the selenium webdriver spec (https://www.w3.org/TR/webdriver1/). It is aimed to simplify behavior driven testing in rust, and for automating browser interaction.

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0.1.0 Sep 12, 2018

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Selenium-rs is a simple client for the selenium webdriver. Its built to work with the webdriver protocol (spec found here). It currently supports the chrome Driver, and Gecko (firefox) support is on the way.


selenium-rs = "0.1.0"

Documentation: docs.rs

Current Status

Currently, the project supports many of the more important functionalities provided by the webdriver spec. However, it is still a fair bit away from complete. Support will get periodically added as I find the time to finish implementing everything described in the webdriver spec. In-progress features will be tracked here.

Note: Currently only tested with Selenium 3.14


Pull requests are always welcome! Please see the issue tracker for currently in-progress features, improvements, and bugfixes.


This is provided under the MIT license.


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