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A small encrypted wrapper around TCP

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Uses new Rust 2021

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A wrapper around TCP for sending encrypted data

I created this for a file backup application I've been working on as a hobby project. As such, the API is designed to work with it, and it only. Perhaps I'll come back at a later date and make it more suitable for general use; perhaps not.


  • This has never been audited for security.
  • It probably never will be.
  • Seeing as this is a component of a hobby project, I can't guarantee any kind of consistent updates.
  • I've only tested it on 64-bit Linux systems.
  • At the moment it's "slightly" unfinished.


Create a brand spankin' new Secure Socket.

I believe the arguments are more or less self-explanatory, so I won't bother to explain them. Exchange cryptographic keys. Receive a file

Returns: Result of either filename or error reason. Error mapping:

  • BadData: Client sent gibberish
  • Other: Unable to open file for writing or unable to write to it.

The file name will be in the format "<hostname> <time>.tar.gz"

TODO implement SecureSocket::recv_archive() Send a file over the network


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