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A tool that leverages AWS Rust SDK for Secrets Manager & Parameter Store

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A [Sec]rets Manager and [Par]ameter Store CLI tool that leverages the newly AWS SDK for Rust to manage secrets.

Secrets Manager vs Parameter Store


AWS Rust SDK will try to get the credentials in this order:

AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID/AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY environment varaibles -> ~/.aws/credentials -> ~/.aws/config.

Hence, one way to set credentials for AWS Rust SDK is ~/.aws/credentials, one example as below:


For alternative ways, please refer to the SDK setup page

Usage Examples

Secrets Manager

  • List all the secrets
cargo run -- sec list
  • Get specific secret value
cargo run -- sec get --name <secret_name>
  • Delete specific secret
cargo run -- sec delete --name <secret_name>
  • Describe specific secret
cargo run -- sec describe --name <secret_name>
  • Create specific secret
cargo run -- sec create --name <secret_name> --secret <secret_value>

Parameter Store

  • List all the parameters
cargo run -- par list
  • Get specific par value
cargo run -- par get --name <parameter_name>
  • Delete specific parameter
cargo run -- par delete --name <parameter_name>
  • Create specific parameter
cargo run -- par create --name <parameter_name> --value <parameter_value>
  • Create a bulk of parameters
cargo run -- par apply --path <path_to_parameter_spec_file>

Parameter Store Spec Format

For the par apply sub-subcommand, the format of the spec file is shown as follow. The spec is in yaml format and each parameter entry’s name and value are separated by : , a colon symbol:

  - /secpar/TEST:TEST_VALUE


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