Cargo Features

aws-config = { version = "1.1.6", default-features = false, features = ["behavior-version-latest", "client-hyper", "rustls", "rt-tokio", "sso", "credentials-process", "allow-compilation"] }
default = client-hyper, credentials-process, rt-tokio, rustls, sso

These default features are set whenever aws-config is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.


Affects aws-config::from_env, aws-config::load_from_env

client-hyper default rustls

Enables connector-hyper-0-14-x of aws-smithy-runtime

rustls default = client-hyper

Enables tls-rustls of aws-smithy-runtime

Affects credentials::default_provider

rt-tokio default

Enables rt-tokio of aws-smithy-async and aws-smithy-runtime and rt of tokio


Includes basic task execution capabilities

sso default

Enables aws-sdk-sso and aws-sdk-ssooidc, hex, ring, and zeroize, http-auth of aws-smithy-runtime-api

Affects aws-config::sso

credentials-process default

Enables process of tokio