Cargo Features

aws-smithy-runtime has no features set by default.

aws-smithy-runtime = { version = "1.0.3", features = ["client", "http-auth", "connector-hyper-0-14-x", "tls-rustls", "rt-tokio", "wire-mock", "test-util"] }

Enables client of aws-smithy-runtime-api

Affects aws-smithy-runtime::client


Enables http-auth of aws-smithy-runtime-api

Affects auth::http

connector-hyper-0-14-x tls-rustls? wire-mock?

Enables h2 ^0.3, client, http2, http1, tcp and stream of hyper ^0.14.26

Affects never::NeverTcpConnector, test_util::dvr, http::hyper_014, test_util::wire

tls-rustls = connector-hyper-0-14-x

Enables hyper-rustls and rustls ^0.21.8


Enables rt of tokio

wire-mock = connector-hyper-0-14-x, test-util

Enables server of optional hyper ^0.14.26

Affects test_util::wire

test-util wire-mock?

Enables aws-smithy-protocol-test, test-util of aws-smithy-runtime-api, serde, serde_json, and tracing-subscriber

Affects http::test_util, client::test_util, aws-smithy-runtime::test_util