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Rust bindings for Pieter Wuille’s libsecp256k1 library. Implements ECDSA for the SECG elliptic curve group secp256k1 and related utilities.

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0.7.2 Dec 26, 2017
0.7.1 Nov 13, 2017

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rust-secp256k1 is a wrapper around libsecp256k1, a C library by Peter Wuille for producing ECDSA signatures using the SECG curve secp256k1. This library

  • exposes type-safe Rust bindings for all libsecp256k1 functions
  • implements key generation
  • implements deterministic nonce generation via RFC6979
  • implements many unit tests, adding to those already present in libsecp256k1
  • makes no allocations (except in unit tests) for efficiency and use in freestanding implementations

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Rust bindings for Pieter Wuille's secp256k1 library, which is used for fast and accurate manipulation of ECDSA signatures on the secp256k1 curve. Such signatures are used extensively by the Bitcoin network and its derivatives.


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