Cargo Features

sea-orm = { version = "0.12.9", default-features = false, features = ["debug-print", "macros", "with-json", "with-chrono", "with-rust_decimal", "with-bigdecimal", "with-uuid", "with-time", "postgres-array", "mock", "json-array", "sea-orm-internal", "sqlx-dep", "sqlx-all", "sqlx-mysql", "sqlx-postgres", "sqlx-sqlite", "runtime-async-std", "runtime-async-std-native-tls", "runtime-async-std-rustls", "runtime-actix", "runtime-actix-native-tls", "runtime-actix-rustls", "runtime-tokio", "runtime-tokio-native-tls", "runtime-tokio-rustls", "tests-cfg", "seaography"] }
default = macros, with-bigdecimal, with-chrono, with-json, with-rust_decimal, with-time, with-uuid

These default features are set whenever sea-orm is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

macros default

Enables derive of sea-orm-macros

Affects sea-orm::tests_cfg

with-json default = serde_json

Enables serde of optional chrono, json of optional sqlx, with-json of sea-query and optional sea-query-binder, serde of optional time and optional uuid

Affects active_model::ActiveModelTrait.set_from_json, active_model::ActiveModelTrait.from_json, query::TryGetableFromJson

with-chrono default = chrono

Enables chrono of optional sqlx, with-chrono of sea-query and optional sea-query-binder

Affects prelude::DateTimeWithTimeZone, prelude::DateTimeUtc, prelude::DateTimeLocal, prelude::ChronoDateTimeWithTimeZone, prelude::ChronoDateTimeUtc, prelude::ChronoDateTimeLocal

with-rust_decimal default = rust_decimal

Enables rust_decimal of optional sqlx, with-rust_decimal of sea-query and optional sea-query-binder

with-bigdecimal default = bigdecimal

Enables bigdecimal of optional sqlx, with-bigdecimal of sea-query and optional sea-query-binder

with-uuid default = uuid

Enables uuid of optional sqlx, with-uuid of sea-query and optional sea-query-binder

with-time default = time

Enables time of optional sqlx, with-time of sea-query and optional sea-query-binder

postgres-array json-array? sqlx-postgres?

Enables postgres-array of sea-orm-macros, sea-query, and optional sea-query-binder

json-array = postgres-array

this does not actually enable sqlx-postgres, but only a few traits to support array in sea-query

sqlx-dep sqlx-mysql? sqlx-postgres? sqlx-sqlite?
sqlx-all = sqlx-mysql, sqlx-postgres, sqlx-sqlite
sqlx-mysql sqlx-all? = sqlx-dep

Enables sqlx-mysql of sea-query-binder, mysql of sqlx

Affects query::ColIdx.as_sqlx_mysql_index

sqlx-postgres sqlx-all? = postgres-array, sqlx-dep

Enables sqlx-postgres of sea-query-binder, postgres of sqlx

Affects query::ColIdx.as_sqlx_postgres_index

sqlx-sqlite sqlx-all? = sqlx-dep

Enables sqlx-sqlite of sea-query-binder, sqlite of sqlx

Affects query::ColIdx.as_sqlx_sqlite_index

runtime-async-std runtime-async-std-native-tls? runtime-async-std-rustls?
runtime-async-std-native-tls = runtime-async-std

Enables runtime-async-std-native-tls of optional sea-query-binder and optional sqlx

runtime-async-std-rustls = runtime-async-std

Enables runtime-async-std-rustls of optional sea-query-binder and optional sqlx

runtime-actix runtime-actix-native-tls? runtime-actix-rustls?
runtime-actix-native-tls = runtime-actix

Enables runtime-actix-native-tls of optional sea-query-binder, runtime-tokio-native-tls of optional sqlx

runtime-actix-rustls = runtime-actix

Enables runtime-actix-rustls of optional sea-query-binder, runtime-tokio-rustls of optional sqlx

runtime-tokio runtime-tokio-native-tls? runtime-tokio-rustls?
runtime-tokio-native-tls = runtime-tokio

Enables runtime-tokio-native-tls of optional sea-query-binder and optional sqlx

runtime-tokio-rustls = runtime-tokio

Enables runtime-tokio-rustls of optional sea-query-binder and optional sqlx


Enables derive of serde

Affects sea-orm::tests_cfg


Enables seaography of sea-orm-macros

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

rust_decimal with-rust_decimal
bigdecimal with-bigdecimal

Enables bigdecimal ^0.3

serde_json with-json