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DNS over TLS/HTTPS client for Windows

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Safe DNS Client for Windows

This project allows you to use DNS over HTTPS (DoH) on Windows. It's simply a DNS proxy server that forward all DNS requests to an upstream server. At the moment, there is only one server which is Cloudflare's cloudflare-dns.com.

sdns was written for Windows, but may also compile on other platforms since it doesn't use Windows specific libraries (yet).

Getting the software

At the moment I do not plan to release binaries, so you'll have to compile sdns yourself. You should have these things installed:

The following command will download & install sdns to the user's $PATH.

cargo install -f --git https://github.com/naim94a/sdns.git


cargo install rdns

Using sdns

sdns isn't configurable at the moment. It only binds to port 53 on localhost. All thats left to do is to configure your OS to send DNS queries to

Future plans

  • Automatically configure Windows to use rdns
  • Installable service
  • Filtering Rules (regex on domain names)
  • Upstream DoH services other than Cloudflare.
  • Make it 100% async


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