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Scroll is a static site genetator that aims to maximize the balance of ease of producing and freedom of customization.

Getting Started


git clone https://github.com/metinUr/scroll.git
cd scroll
cargo build --release

Quick Start

scroll new <site_name>
cd <site_name>
scroll build --then-serve

Now you can visit your page on localhost:1919 in your browser.

Why Magical

Static site generators creates beautiful web pages almost without writing HTML and CSS. In regular site generators, user pick one of already created theme, layout and template, and pass some content which usually a markup language, and site generator generate web page according to theme and templates.

Even though this process make site creating so easy and fast, it increases difficulty of making components that has custom style. Scroll has built-in utility-first CSS support that lets you add custom CSS to your elements right inside of your document. In Scroll while you can use only theme and templates also you can change some of your elements appearance and behavior without leaving your document.

So, Scroll turns your markup file to a magical scroll that creates unique web pages.

learn more about inline styling


The project, while usable, is in early stages. Therefore, you may not find some expected features or encounter some unexpected behavior.

Documents Support

Scroll was born from personal needs and desires. As an Emacs and org-mode lover Scroll is supporting only org-mode yet. But there are plans to support markdown natively soon.

Also, via some converters Scroll can work with markdown now but it may lose some of its magic.


This project is under MIT license.


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